Shiatsu and Acupressure

Shiatsu and Acupressure: are Oriental-based systems of finger pressure massage which treat special points along acupuncture “meridians” – the invisible channels of energy flow in the body. Blocked energy along these meridians can cause physical discomforts, so the aim is to release the blocks and re-balance the energy flow and may be used for full body or specific work.

One of the traditional Japanese massage techniques, it was developed from the ancient Chinese acupressure which is based on acupuncture. Treatments originating in the Far East are generally always considering the energy pathways of the body referred to as meridians, mainly parted into six passive and six active chief groups relating to particular organs and interactive energy flow. Shiatsu uses hand manipulation to exert gentle to strong, deep pressure on “trigger” points along the meridians to stimulate, calm and/or harmonize the functions of the body and mind, promoting-and resulting in-relaxation and reduction of stress. Shiatsu balances the body’s energy flow and eliminates possible exiting energy blockages by manipulation of the pressure points along the meridians.