Sports Massage

Sports Massage: alleviates pain and brings relief to tired or aching body parts. It is particularly useful in relieving or reducing the possibility of cramps and muscle spasms in dancers and athletes.

This therapy is a very deep penetrating massage especially for the active person. Whatever activity you may participate in, jogging, tennis, swimming, cycling, golf, riding, etc.; if you use your body demandingly this is the massage for you, The Athletic Massage differs from other massages in that it concentrates on all muscle groups but particularly the muscles primarily used in your sport. This has therapeutic benefits for the athlete who might be suffering from anything from tennis elbow to joggers heel.

Athletic Massage has been traced back to the Roman empire, where the athletes who participated in sports and the gladiators who engaged in physical combat would have a soothing massage after a long day of strenuous activity. To this day, the theory of working the whole body with deep penetrating strokes and concentrated strokes to the muscle groups, stimulating and loosening the muscles and using therapeutic treatment in problem areas, has kept top professional athletes in fine tune.