Dolores Ferrentino


Dolores Ferrentino owns and operates The Massage & Healing Arts Center and has been serving South Padre Island and beyond since 1986 when she came to the Island for “just a short visit”. When she saw South Padre she fell in love with the island and has remained since. As many can attest, South Padre has grown since Dolores’ arrival and she has been a proud professional member of the community from the beginning. 

Coming from Queens, New York, Dolores recognizes that people are too often overworked and over-stressed and get caught up in their high paced world. Seeing the toll it took on their lives, and the impact that overworking the body and spirit had on their physical health and relationships Dolores decided to study yoga. Noticing how much better she felt doing yoga she fell in love with yoga and is certified to teach yoga. Dolores blends the concept of holistic healing of therapeutic massage with the power of relaxation, Energy Balancing, acupuncture, colon cleansing and good ole fashioned intuitiveness for her well being and is ready to assist you on your journey of health. 

Dolores brought her professional work ethics and unique abilities learned from her father and mother, Anthony and Antoinette Ferrentino, with her. Dolores doesn’t function in the “Land of Mañana”; she’s here to help you today! She knows all of her therapist’s therapeutic strengths and she constantly evaluates these strengths to place you with the correct therapist for your special therapy.